"It's Your Business Blues"
A High Performing
Team Experience

Corporate Teambuilding Program to Invigorate your Teams’ Soul!

For decades, blues music has been the way people conveyed the truth about their challenges, joys and celebrations. Using this same music, we help your leaders give voice to their company ‘blues’ while challenging them to stretch, develop teamwork skills and enhance interpersonal bonds. "It’s Your Business Blues" provides teams with a ‘high performance’ experience they won’t soon forget.

Give New Meaning to ‘High-Performance’ Teamwork

With "It’s Your Business Blues", we’re focused on your team’s success. On the journey to becoming a high-performing team, we guide your leaders to create and perform original blues songs to express what’s going on in the company. We teach the basics of blues song writing, provide musical templates and help them select a name for their ‘band’. Then they write and perform their ‘blues’ tune backed by Boomerang, a superb six piece band of R&B musicians. We record these original creations and send them to you after, to be preserved for the ages!

Create a Memorable and Powerful Experience Today

"It’s Your Business Blues" is a program like no other, and promises to have a lasting impact on your company. The process begins by consulting with you on your event objectives and messages. Once we understand what you’d like to achieve, we ensure our program is effective and addresses your needs including writing and performing our own original blues song about your company. The length of the program is approximately 2 ½ hours and best suited for a group of 30-65 people. You can also extend the ‘revival’ celebration with Boomerang supplying its own brand of classic R&B, Motown and soul hits to continue the party.

What our clients have to say

"This is awesome....we will never be the same" "Didn't know we had such talent on our team!"
"Exceeded my expectations" "Wasn't sure how our executives would get into it
but Boomerang made it easy and our inhibitions vanished"
"Upbeat, energizing and inspirational" "Highly recommend this" 

Get started today, and harness the high performance power you expect and need from your corporate leaders!

Also if you just need a band for your corporate event or private function, Boomerang can provide the memorable high energy musical ingredient to stir the soul of all those gathered.

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"It's Your Business Blues" is a teambuilding program developed in collaboration with John Swain & Associates Ltd.
John Swain plays guitar in Boomerang

John Swain through www.swainassociates.net for further information about his professional consulting services 

Sample Original Blues Tune for Client Event